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TEDrones Ltd takes unmanned aerial systems (drone) technology and brings it to the world of surface and underwater inspections and surveys.

Our experienced operators are available now to carry out surveys and inspections. We work in marine and freshwater environments.

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Able to operate down to depths of 100m, with a 150m tether, (more if required); this observer class ROV (her name is Galene - goddess of still waters) can operate in complete darkness. She is fitted with a high quality low light video camera, three 1500 lumen (dimmable) lights, sonar and small manipulator. Weighing just over 9Kg in air, this makes Galene deployable in just about any situation. At its heart, is a drone autopilot, which gives unprecedented stability, heading and depth hold. This level of technology makes Galene an ideal inspection vehicle; giving accurate, stable video.


TEDrones Ltd can conduct  bathymetric surveys using our autonomous surface vessel. Specifically designed for shallow waters, it can negotiate weeds and surface debris with ease. 

Professional Services

You can count on TEDrones to not only meet, but exceed all your requirements. Ask how we can bring Galene to you, with an experienced operator to get the data you need.

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Wildlife filming

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Underwater inspections

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Diver Monitoring

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